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Slow Fusion
Social dance with feeling!

Start your week with a wonderful slow dance! We'll start the evening with an inspirational workshop. The music will be slow and suggestive for a greater presence and connection.

What is fusion?
Fusion means that you and your partner dance however you want using whatever you like from any dance. Since you don't have to follow particulare steps from any specfic dance it often feels quite liberating and fun to dance fusion. Instead of complicated turns the focus is usually on the music, the quality of the movements and the connection with the partner.

More experienced dancers who already master several dances can combine all their repertoar of steps and techniques into exciting expressions of all kinds of music.

It is up to you how simple or complicated you prefere to dance fusion. It's all fun!

Tonights theme
Every Slow Fusion has a theme. If it says "bachata" we will start the evening with one hour workshop in bachata. Afterwards we will play mostly bachata music which you can integrate into your fusion or simply dance normal bachata to. All dancers, no matter previous experience and background, are ofcourse welcome to all the evenings no matter the theme.

Practicalities: There is fika but we are not allowed to drink alcohol. No age limits. No signup. Just come and dance!

Location: Drabanten, Bangårdsgatan 13 near Uppsala train station.

Hours: Tuesdays 19:00 until 22:00 or 23:00
See Facebook events for exact dates and more info about the workshops and teachers. Please help us create a nice evening by also inviting your friends to the event!

Entrance fee including worksho & fika
  • 75kr for Studio-Ks members. No pre order needed. You can become a member for only 100kr/year
  • 100kr when buying tickets at least one day in advance. Buy from here.
  • 125kr at the door.

  • Fun fact: Swingkattens Cat's Corner (lindyhop) will be at the same time on the next dance floor and you can go in between.

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