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Dance in Uppsala

Argentinian tango
Studio-K organises classes, milongas and practicas in argentinian tango.

Agneta Ingemar Tango organise classes and events in Argentinian tango.

Tangoföreningen Canyenge organise courses and events in argentinian tango Tel: 018-545833
Tangogruppen Cambalache organise courses and events in Argentinian tango.

Tango xTangoX organise events in Argentine tango.

Ballroom dancing
Studio-K organises dance courses and events in Walz, Foxtrote, Quickstep, Vienese Walz etc.
usdkUppsala Sportdansklubb (USDK) organises courses and dance opportunities in Walz, Quickstep, Slow fox, Chachacha, Rumba etc.

Bugg, Boogie woogie, Lindy hop
Studio-K organises dance courses and events in Bugg, Boogi woogie etc.

ubssUppsala Bugg & Swing Society (UBSS) organises dance courses and events in Bugg.
swingkattenSwingkatten organises courses in Lindy hop, stepp, balboa etc.

Flamenco & Belly dance
Studio-K organises courses in Oriental Belly dance, Flamenco, Sevillanas and Kastanjetts etc.
StudiefrämjandetStudiefrämjandet organises courses in Flamenco, Magdans, Jazz, Street dace etc.

Latin dances
Studio-K organises dance courses and events in Salsa, Samba, Zouk, reggaeton, chachacha, rumba, bachata m.m.

uppsalsaUppsalsa is a portal with references to other salsa courses, events etc in Uppsala.

Swedish folkdances
Studio-K organises dance courses and events in Swedish folkdances such as olska, shottis, walz etc.
PhilochorosPhilochoros the students folk dance associan.

uppsalafolkUppsalafolk dance courses in polska & folk music calandar.

Other dances
Studio-K anordnar danskurser och evenemang i Pilates, Jazz, Modern, Street, Disco m.m.

Happyfeet LinedancersHappyfeet Linedancers organises courses and events in Line dance.

Joyous GardJoyous Gard is a group which practices and has exhibitions in dances from the medivals and renessance.

SHSDS.H.S.D. is a club for Line dance and Square dance in Uppsala.
SHSDUppsala Viking is a association for modern Square dance.

Dance in Sweden

Andreas dance webb has many links to other dance related pages in Sweden.
Nöjessajten has information about "dansband" places in the whole Scandinavia.

Argentinian tango

Tango information about argentinian tango in Sweden.
Tangoportalen has information about tango dancers, tango courses, milongas, tango festivals etc. for the whole Scandinavia.

Tango NorteTango Norte in Stockholm organises courses and events in Argentinian tango.

Svenska DanssportförbundetSvenska Danssportförbundet has information about dance clubs and dance comptetition in Standarnd (Modern walz, Tango, Slowfox, Wienervals, Quickstep) and Latin (Pasodoble, Jive, Rumba, Samba, Cha-Cha-Cha) as well as Bugg, Lindy Hop, Dubbelbugg, Rock'n'Roll, Boogie Woogie etc.
trivseldansarnaTrivseldansarnas has information about ballroom dances.

Bugg, Swing & Lindyhop is a portal to the Swedish dance places, orchesters and their program (mostly dansband) as well albums news etc.

Flamenco & Oriental dances
Flamenco.seSvenska Flamencoföreningen Sacai in Stockholm wants to increase the interest for and spread knowledge about Flamenco.

Latin dances
Salsa CumbanchaSalsa Cumbancha is a salsa forum for Dalarna and surrounding.

Salsa in Stockholm is a portal with salsa events, pictures etc.
salsasonSalsason is a portal with links to other salsa courses and events in Stockholm.

SalsasverigeSalsasverige is a salsa portal with partner search, calendar and forums.

örebro Salsafriendsörebro SalsaFriends! organises dance traning, courses and events.

Swedish folk dances
AroshambonAroshambon Polskedans, gammaldans. Albums, calandar, results etc.

Other dances
dansdalenDansdalen is a sight for information exchange about dance in Dalarna.

Dance in the World

dancers directoryDancers Directory is a tool for finding other dancers around the world.

Argentinian tango
Codigo tangoCodigo tango
Julio y MirabaiJulio y Mirabai

Milongas InMilongas-In any city worldwide
Samantha y FacundoSamantha y Facundo

World Salsa FederationWorld Salsa Federation wants to develop and spread the salsa internationally.
 Two4salsa dansen organises salsa weekends and parties in Holland.

Dance shoes & dance clothes

dansskorRead our guide about dance shoes with tips and advices about dance shoes.

dansskorDance & Gym Shop is a shop in Stockholm which sells dance shoes at their website. OBS! As a member in Studio-K you receive 10% discount.
is a shop in Stora HÃ¥ga which also sells dance shoes via their website. OBS! As a member in Studio-K you receive 10% discount.

dansskorDigIt is a shop in Uppsala. OBS! As a member in Studio-K you will receive 10% discount at all the shoes and clothes! is in Gotenburg and sells dance shoes and dance clothes also through their website. is in Trollhättan and sells dance shoes and dance clothes also through their website. is a shop in örebro which also sells dance shoes and dance clothes through their website.

dancing shoesDSOL Dance Shoes Online is the world’s largest online resource for various kinds of dance shoes including Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, Court, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, dance Sneakers and dancewear and dance accessories.

dansskorHeart Line Store is in Edsvalla and sells dance shoes and dance outfits through their website.

dansskorLindyshop is in östersund and sells dance shoes and dance clothes through their website.

magdansbutikMagdansbutiken sells belly dance dresses, höftsjalar, instruction videos, jewlerys etc. Express delivery.

Dance videos & dance music
  Danzarin is a shop in Uppsala with tango cds and shoes.
  dansmusikLatintracks sells dance musik digitally from their website. Mainly Salsa music, Son, Reggeaton, Bachata and Tango music.
  Tangolinks has many free tango video clips.

Dance Orchesters
danceorquestersOrquesta Vasquez Latin band in Uppsala playing salsa, merengue, cumbia, chachacha etc.
ShipTune RockersShipTune Rockers is a young cover band from Skepptuna playing mainly rock, pop and schlagar.

Magazines, books & portals
DanceaddictDanceaddict Nordic community for dancers in mainly streetdance, showdance and discodance
DansmaffianDansmaffian Swedish community for dancers and organisers for mainly bugg, foxtrot and swing.
FÃ¥r Jag Lov
is a magazine for you who like schlager music and dancing.
Salsa ForumsSalsa Forums Articles and discussion about all styles of salsa - on2, LA style, Casino


Body & Soul

Spa Club at Sivia square in Uppsala offers 10% discounts to all of Studio-Ks students at all of their treatments including massage, pedikyr, body styling etc.


Ara music Armenian music festival in Libanon.

Dance travels
Pampas travel organises tango trips to Argentina.

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