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Bugg & Dubbelbugg

Bugg is a simplified Swedish version of the dance Rock'n'Roll. You can dance bugg to almost any kind of fast musik. Bugg is a very useful social dance and it is common knowledge to know the basic steps and turns. Our weekly Practice hours in central Uppsala is a nice opportunity to dance bugg in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Which style?
At our courses you will learn one of the most populare styles of bugg with "bouncing" and "styling" which gives it a fresh and cool touch. Most of the figures are led through the position of the body and with the use of fingers and arms. Dubbelbugg
If you already can dance some bugg you can also learn Dubbelbugg where one leader dances with two followers at the same time. See the video clipp.

Which level?
It is important that you find a class where the level is stimulating but not too difficult. Plase click on the different bugg classes in the left side menu and read about the different prerequistis and course descriptions for each course.

Have you learn bugg without taking classes? In most cases we will recommend you to restart from Bugg - 1 since you will most probably need to relearn som techniques and remove som "bad habits" so that you can develop more. Our courses are efficient and already after Bugg - 1 you will be dancing better bugg than most people in Sweden.
Come and try our lessons or practices and talk to an instructor if you are unsure about which level is the right evel for you.t.och prata med en instruktör om du är osäker på vilken nivå som är rätt för dig.

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