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Welcome to our Tryout days
Wednesday 30/9

At Drabanten, Bangårdsgatan 13, Bottenvåningen

Try our classes for free at our try out days. This is a good opportunity to learn more about the different dances and to see which dances you like the most!

Everybody is Welcome!


Due to the situation with Covid-19 we will be taking special safety measures on our Open house and classes:
    Welcome to the studio if you are completely healthy and have not been abroad for a few days.
  • Wash your hands and face before and between the workshops.
  • Since we will not be able to keep enough distance between us we will be dancing with face masks. These will be handed out to all visitors on arrival.
  • Social dancing per defenition means that we will be holding each others hands and be in close proximity to other people. If you belong to a risk group due to age or pre existing health problems we would recommend you to avoid dance lessons until we will have a vaccine later in the Spring.
  • You can read more about our Covid-19 adjustments here.
Drabanten, Bangårdsg. 13 (near the train station).


Schema / Schedule
18.00Tango & Blues
19.00Bugg & Foxtrot

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