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Argentinian tango

Tango can be exciting, romantic and passionate. It has been called the "Dance of the dances", "Dance of fire" etc. and most people who give the Tango a chance will have a special realtionship to it. It is however an easy dance to start with and fits all the ages.

Tango has an interesting history and during the years many new styles of tango have emerged:

European tango or Modern tango is a standardised ballroom dance. You recognise it by the quick throwing of the heads, the accentuated rhythm and the dancers' posture which resembles the other ballroom dances like Walz and Foxtrote. This is what Modern tango looks like on video.

Finnish tango is a simplified social version of Modern tango and resembles Social Foxtrot but has its own unique characteristics. The music in finnish tango is often played in key minor.

Argentinian or Rio de la Plata tango is the direct development of the original tango called "Canyengue". The posture is often intimate which makes it easier to lead and follow the complex patterns. The dance is improvised by the leader in dialogue with the follower and with respect to the music. There are no "basic steps" in tango but an infinite number of step combinations!

Read more about the history of Tango here!

Is it difficult to dance Argentinian tango?
It is easy to start dancing Tango and you will discover some of its charm already after the first lesson. As you go on exploring the dance you will learn to appreciate new aspects of it. However you will never be fully learned in Tango!

Argentinian tango is actually a simple and relaxed dance (you hug and walk) but it can also be a thrilling challenge which drives tango dancers wanting to learn more year after year. It is the journey, not the goal, which is the purpose of tango.

Where can I dance tango in Uppsala?
The tango scene in Uppsala is of the greatest in the country and you can dance tango almost every day of the week. There are several great tango organisations which organise courses, milongas (dance nights) and happenings. Please see our collection of links).

With our pedagogical experience we hope to be able to help you to have a pleasant and efficient introduction to the tango so that you can start enjoying all that Uppsala has to offer!

During the course we will go and visit different Milongas (dancing places) together and introduce you to the other tango dancers.

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