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Private lessons in dance
Uppsala, Stockholm and surrounding

Private lessons with an experienced teacher can be very rewarding. In a private lesson, the teacher tailors the instructions to what you want and need, providing many answers and "aha" moments that would otherwise take years to discover on your own.

There are many reasons to take private dance lessons, including:
  • As a simple first step to get started and try dancing before committing to a longer course.
  • As a fun and exciting activity you can enjoy alone or with a partner.
  • When you don't want to feel lost at a party, wedding, or ball.
  • If you are self-taught and want to fill in any knowledge gaps and correct any bad habits or misunderstandings.
  • When you are taking a regular dance course but want to practice more or make up for missed lessons to keep up with the class without stress.
  • To work on more advanced/fundamental techniques that are not always covered in a group lesson.
  • To advance quickly and skip levels, for example if you are an experienced dancer learning a new dance.
  • When your dance reaches a plateau and you need more inspiration and guidance.
  • When you want to work on something specific, such as lift technique or a beautiful waltz performance for your wedding, or both!
  • Experience how "it should feel" when both you and your partner perform the movements correctly so that you have a good target to practice towards.
  • Receive feedback on how your dance looks and is experienced by an experienced teacher and get help making a long-term plan for your further development based on your unique potential, interests, and needs.
  • Get help if you have "gotten stuck" within the couple. Often times both need to adjust something at the same time, which can be frustrating and difficult to discover on your own.
  • A large part of the dance experience is social, personal, emotional, and artistic. An experienced teacher can coach you to explore these areas so that you can more easily reach your full potential as a dancer.

The lessons are 60 minutes long, which is what most people can handle. We recommend having at least a day between private lessons so that you have time to rest and digest the information. Take notes directly after the lesson so that you don't forget. The lesson price is the same for one person as for a couple. Click here if there are more of you. Payment is made on-site, in cash, via Swish, or with wellness vouchers.
  • 1 lesson: SEK 800
  • 2-4 lessons per half-year: SEK 700/lesson
  • 5 lessons or more per half-year: SEK 600/lesson
Where: Central Uppsala or in your location.
Hours: We are flexible and can also offer hours in the evening and on weekends (see below).

We can offer lessons in most couple dances: Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Argentine Tango, Milonga, Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Bugg, Foxtrot, Zouk, Flamenco and more.

Here below you find a list of possible hours when we can arrange for a private lesson. If none of the hours fit your schedule you can also suggest other times. Please contact us to ask/book.

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