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  Hello Memory
  Can't Help Falling in Love
Wedding walz

Går du flera kurser? Köp ett Terminskort och gå på så många kurser du vill!

 Tider, pris, lokal, anmälan m.m.  Musikförslag

This intensive course is for the future wedding couples who want to learn to dance for their weddings.

According to tradition the couple starts the dance with a traditional walz, modern walz or Vienese walz.

Walz is a dance with old roots, intimitly connected with ballrooms and romance. Today however walz is seldom danced outside the ballrooms and weddings. Since most people do not know how to dance the walz correctly many couples choose instead to dance a romantic wedding dance to a beautiful song which might not be a walz at all.

The idea with this course is to help becoming wedding copules to learn a colorful and romantic choreography which you can dance to a traditional walz as well as any other music! We learn the correct basic steps in modern walz and also get inspiration from other dances such as tango, rumba and two step.

The course is therefor suitable both for thouse wanting to dance a classic walz but who don't have the opportunity to take our regulare weekly courses in walz as well as those who want to treat their guests for a real show! The choreography is easily adaptable and we will help you with the choice of music.

The ambition with this intensive course is to, within a short time, teach couples with little or none previous experience to perform a simple but unforgettable wedding dance on their special day!

Why weekend courses?
In order to become confident in the dance one has to practice dancing between the lessons. We know however by experience that most couples, despite high ambitions, often don't have time or the space to practice at home. So by dancing several hours in one weekend we can make sure that you will recieve the neccessary practice without the need to organising hours and space for training at home.

In this way it will also be easier for those living outside Uppsala to join the course. Despite the travelling costs this wedding course is more economic that any similar courses in for exampel Stockholm.

We learn the basic turns and techniques.
11.00 - 13.00 - Workshop 1
13.00 - 14.30 - Lunch
14.30 - 16.30 - Workshop 2

We will put the turns together into a nice choreography for your song.
11.00 - 13.00 - Workshop 3
13.00 - 14.00 - Lunch
14.00 - 16.00 - Workshop 4

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Class description
Coming soon / Is handed out in the class

Age limits
From 14 years.

Between 11:00 and 16:30
1 weekend in total 8.0 hours

The course starts: 21/5
Finishes: 22/5

Spegelsalen på Tiundaskolan.
Please see the map.

Participation fee
- Full time students or youth up to 18 years old: 695 kr
- Others: 795 kr

A membership fee of 100kr is added. This fee is payed only once per year.

Offers & Discounts
  • If there are places left you can repeat this course for free!
  • Many courses? Get our economic Gold card and go to as many courses that you want for free this semester!

More information & Sign up

Our ambition is to have the same number of men and women in the courses. Therefore we will give priority to those who sign up in couples (This does not apply to solo dances like Street, Flamenco or Jazz). But it is also alright to sign up alone. During the classes we will change dance partners all the time.

Please fill in all the fields in the form below. Please send a separate form for your partner.

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