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Salsa - 1 - beginners
Cuban Salsa, Rueda de Casino & Los angeles style salsa

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This Salsa course is suitable for everyone who is new to salsa or have just tried it by their own.

At the course we will learn the basics in Salsa as well as some 10-20 turns and variations. You will learn both the Cuban style with the Rueda de Casino and the so called L.a. style. At the next course you can choose to especialise on one of these styelse.

In our salsa courses we work with communication within the couple, musicality, technique, styling, steps and turns. You will also get advises on what to think about when dancing on the social floor. Together we will visit the different salsa clubs in Uppsala. This way you will have a nice and natural introduction to the Salsa in Uppsala.

After finishing the salsa course you will be dancing good enough to start enjoying the rich salsa culture of Uppsala!

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Class description
Coming soon / Is handed out in the class

Age limits
From 14 years.


Ehsan Shariati
Between 19.45 and 21.15
6 Wednesdays in total 9.0 hours

The course starts: 4/10
Finishes: 15/11

Breaks: Autumn vacation 30/10 until 3/11

Sal 1 på Drabanten Dansens Hus.
Please see the map.

Participation fee
- Full time students or youth up to 18 years old: 695 kr
- Others: 795 kr

A membership fee of 100kr is added. This fee is payed only once per year.

Offers & Discounts
  • If there are places left you can repeat this course for free!
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