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Jazz - Funk 1 - beginners
Click here to see Jazzdance on video!

After the first world war the world of music and dancing went through a big change. Jazz music florished in the south and mid USA and spread quickly all over the world. With it new dances emerged. Foxtrote, Black Bottom, Rag, Charlston and Shimmy to name a few. Dancing went from the ballrooms and ballet scenes of the pre war years to nightclubs, cabarets and brothels.

Since then Jazzdance has continued to new absorbe influenses from the populare music and the genre has expanded continuously. The common nominater for all the styles of Jazzdance is the "jazzy rythm" which was born in the musical melting pot of 1910 and 20s with african and South European influenses. Jazz is often charachtarised by its abundant syncopes and the subtle "swing". Today Jazz is not danced in couples but by one or several dancers in a choregraphy. Please see more examples of Jazzdance here.

In our beginners calss in Jazzdance for adult beginners we start an exciting journey to explore Jazzdancing. We train basic techniques, coordination and vigility around a beautiful choreography which will be tailor made to fit the group. At the end of the class we will be ready to have a show for the other dance students at Studio-Ks graduation party in December.
Welcome to the Jazzdancing!

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