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Argentinian Tango - Beginners

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Click here to see the dance on video! (15 Mb). Click here if you had problems viewing the video!

This semesters news i the Argentinian Tango!

Many associate Tango with romance and excitment. It has been called "The dance of the dances", the "the dance of sin", "dance of love", "dance of life" etc. and most of those who give Tango a chance will have a special relationship to it.

Tango has an interesting history and several styles of Tango has been developed during the last centuary:

European Tango or Modern Tango is a standardised ballroom dance. You recognise it from the fast head throws and the hard beats in the music. The dancers posture resembles the posture in the Walz and Foxtrote.

Finnish Tango is a simplified social veriation of the Modern Tango and is similar to Social Foxtrote. The music is often in a minor key.

Argentinian or Rio de la Plata Tango is a direct development of the orignial tango. The hold is intimit which makes it easer to lead and to follow the often subtile steps (see the left picture). The man improvises his and the ladies stepcombinations according to the music and lead the lady to perfort those steps. Therefor you can not talk about any basic steps in tango. There are, however, an infinite number of combinations of steps!

Read more about the history of tango here!

Is it difficult to dance Argentinian Tango? It is easy to start dancing Tango and you will discover much of its fun already after the first lesson. If you then continue to develop your dance you will find ever new enjoyable aspects of the Tango. And this you can do for the rest of your life! Argentinian Tango is actually a quite simple and relaxed dance (you basicly just hug and walk). However, it can also be a fantastic challange that keeps the dancers developing their skills year after year. It is up to you how far you want to reach!

Where can I dance Tango in Uppsala? Uppsala has one of the countries most active tango societies and you can dance Tango almost every day. There are several great Tango clubs who organise courses, shows and dance evenings (Please view our links.)

We hope that we, with our experience of teaching dances, can help you to gain a nice and swift entrance to the world of tango so that you can start enjoying the tango opportunities that Uppsala has to offer! During the class we will visit so called Milongas (Tango dance evenings) together.

Class description
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Class description
Coming soon / Is handed out in the class

Age limits
From 14 years.

Between 14.00 and 16.00
0 Thursdays in total 6.0 hours

The course starts: 10/2
Finishes: 12/11

Festsalen på Göteborgs nation.
Please see the map.

Participation fee
- Others: 490 kr

A membership fee of 100kr is added. This fee is payed only once per year.

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