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Argentinian Tango - Improver

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1997 - Potter & Verón, Sales, Naveira

2004 Chicho & Eugenia

2009 - Pablo & Dana

This course is for you who already dance Argentinian tango and just can't get enough. Typically in this class we will expand on our technique and repertoar of elegant classic tango salón, suitable for comfortable but exciting social dancing.

Tango Nuevo
This semester we try somthing else! Tango nuevo is charactarised by exciting elements such as volcadas, colgadas, soltadas, high boleos and deep ganchos etc in a more open abrazo. The nuevo movement in the beginning of the 2000s emphasized the playfullness of dancing and took pleasure in breaking the rules. "How" to create movements become more important than "what" steps to learn and the question of "why" recieved new answers which all led to new tango expressions and experiences which attracted a news generation of tango dancers and alienated others.

Much of what was considered "nuevo" twenty years ago, in terms of the repertoare, expression, musicality, attitude and teaching methodic has since been toned down and integrated with the traditional tango to create the tango that we know and love today. Some parts of the class will therefor feel just like normal but we will also practice the more unusual elements and aim for the same joyful tango experience that once created the new tango craze which still is going strong some twenty years later.

Same name, different thing
Since it takes years to master the things that we practice at this level and since everyone learns different aspects of the dance in their own pace, we have decided that it would not make sense changing the name of the course too often. Numbers and titels at this level can be decieving and contra productive. You could say that the content of the "improver level" varies between "intermediate" and "advanced" and is adapted to the best needs of the actual participents in the group.

So depending on groups needs, requests and what we have done previously, each lesson will contain partially new material. Also the excersises in each lesson vary in difficulty so while a new participents will have fun learning the rough scheme of a new step a more experienced dancers can go beyond that and focus on different variations of the step and the musicality and quality of that movement. In this way all the particpents can continue improving their skills in the same group despite their different levels of experience and ability to learn new things.

If you can not participate on regular basis you are also welcome to dropin to the classes together with a parnter and just pay the class fee of 150kr.

Welcome to an exciting new semester!
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Class description
Coming soon / Is handed out in the class

Age limits
From 14 years.

Between 18:00 and 19:00
10 Tuesdays in total 10.0 hours

The course starts: 13/2
Finishes: 30/4

Breaks: Sports vacation 19th to 25th of February. Easter vacation 1st of April until 7th of April.

Sal 1 på Drabanten Dansens Hus.
Please see the map.

Participation fee
- Children: 0 kr
- Full time students or youth up to 18 years old: 1195 kr
- Others: 1295 kr

A membership fee of 100kr is added. This fee is payed only once per year.

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Our ambition is to have the same number of men and women in the courses. Therefore we will give priority to those who sign up in couples (This does not apply to solo dances like Street, Flamenco or Jazz). But it is also alright to sign up alone. During the classes we will change dance partners all the time.

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