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Team Oriental

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If you have been dancing oriental bellydance for several semesters you are then Welcome to Team Oriental. This is the group for you who would like to put an extra effort into your dancing.

In addition to learning a more challanging choreography we will also deepen our understanding of the music and the dance. Small home works will be given sometimes and at the end of the semester we offer an opportunity for individual tutoring.

Welcome to a very exciting course!

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For you who dance a lot and who is comfortable with the material thought at the Improver levels.

Class description
Coming soon / Is handed out in the class

Age limits
From 14 years.


Cecilia Esbjörnsson
Between 15.15 and 16.45
10 Sundays in total 15.0 hours

The course starts: 6/10
Finishes: 8/12

Power Center.
Please see the map.

Participation fee
- Full time students or youth up to 18 years old: 1195 kr
- Others: 1295 kr

A membership fee of 100kr is added. This fee is payed only once per year.

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More information & Sign up

Our ambition is to have the same number of men and women in the courses. Therefore we will give priority to those who sign up in couples (This does not apply to solo dances like Street, Flamenco or Jazz). But it is also alright to sign up alone. During the classes we will change dance partners all the time.

Please fill in all the fields in the form below. Please send a separate form for your partner.

  • Which class would you like to sign up for?

  • I want to learn to (not for solo dances).

  • First name:                               Last name:

  • Telephone/mobile: (prefix - number)

  • Email (Please check the spelling):

  • Birthday:

  • Home address (e.g. Dansgatan 5b, 2tr):

  • Zip-code (t.ex. 75309 Uppsala):

  • How did you find this website? (e.g. on a poster in Flogsta)

  • Questions and comments:

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